After eating pizza for 16 days straight in college, I realized my obsession with pizza was beyond a deep appreciation for the taste. I became fascinated with the pizza culture and bonding ritual of a group of friends sharing a pizza.

I began creating pizza art, pizza memes and pizza gifs on my Instagram account @PizzaProposals. I started by editing proposal images and replacing the engagement rings with pizzas on Photoshop.  A few months later, my images and the "Pizza Proposals" trend went viral.

My creative pizza ventures are no longer limited to social media posts. I created pizza friendship necklaces packaged in pizza boxes to help pizza-loving friends bond over their favorite food. The BFF pizza necklaces are a huge hit with everyone who likes pizza and they are a great gift for friends or family.

The Pizza Slice Necklace is the perfect friendship jewelry accessory.

In addition to pizza necklaces, we sell pizza charms, pizza earrings, pizza stickers, pizza shirts and original pizza artwork.